REBRAND was built by a few individuals who want to share years of experience in creating working solutions for marketing communications. 

Every concept done is backed up by intensive research and strategies that are proven to work. 


Keen to Detail. Rebrand’s best strength. Making sure that every inch of every project is well checked, and mistake-proofed.  

Fast&On-point. We do campaigns, 365days a year and whenever we say we will deliver, we will deliver. With Rebrand, we can mount events, campaigns, and exhibits even for a short lead time. Through years of experience, we can always offer solutions for any challenges in your campaigns. 


Customer-Centric. One of Rebrand’s philosophies is being a convenient-advocate within. Promoting convenience to its clients with a quality and most suitable service it can offer and making sure that they can trust Rebrand for a stress-free campaign. 


Team Player. Rebrand is not a one-man team company. We are built of professionals with great experience in the industry, young minds with the freshest ideas and creativity and management that produces the best and unique strategy. We follow a system that helps us be productive in all aspects of creating a concept and mounting your campaigns. This makes all individuals in our company reliable. 


Technical Know-How. Through years of experience in the field of brand experience, we can say that we have used very well all the event technologies available in the market. The ability to create a concept around the available technologies; makes the campaign impactful and unique.


Design&Build. One of our strengths. We do not only design but we can also build it. We have the best designer and fabricators in the industry who understand the trends in the market; from exhibits, stage designs, marketing collaterals; all can be customized based on your needs and preferences.


Networks Worldwide. Mounting campaigns around the world are within reach with Rebrand. Through years of working with various professionals worldwide; we’re able to build great partnerships that can help reach our objectives on providing the best campaign solutions wherever you are.